AMISOM forces arrive in Kismayo

xeydar September 29, 2012 Comments Off
AMISOM forces arrive in Kismayo

AMISOM troops have today successfully inserted into Kismayo, AMISOM Force Comm ander Lt-Gen Andrew Gutti confirmed this morning. Further AMISOM forces are making thei r way towards the city of Kismayo.

AMISOM Force Commander, Lt-Gen Andrew Gutti said: “AMISOM appeals for all in Kismayo to remain calm. AMISOM’s intent is to liberate the people of Kismayo to enable t hem to lead their lives in peace, stability and security. Operations are ongoing to neutralize sp ecific Al-Shabaab targets in Kismayo.”

“We urge all fighters remaining in Kismayo to lay down their arms. In recent days and weeks, a number of them have contacted AMISOM indicating their wish to cease fighting and we have assured them of their safety if they give themselves up peacefully to our forces”.

Abdirashid Abdulahi Haydar
Bank of Somali Rivers
Mogadisho Somalia

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