Security Minister to face Parliamentary Questioning

xeydar April 26, 2014 Comments Off
Security Minister to face Parliamentary Questioning

The National Security Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Abdikarim Hussein Guled will face a tough parliamentary questioning tomorrow [Sunday], Speaker of the Parliament said today.

Lawmakers have summoned the minister last week for an inquiry session on the country’s security but the session was postponed at least twice after the parliament failed to receive enough quorum to is sitting.

“Tomorrow we will have a special session in which the National Security Minister will face the House of the People.” Speaker Jawari informed the lawmakers today.

According to one lawmaker who spoke with,   the minister is expected to face tough inquiry into his ministry which is seen as the most challenged office within the 25-minister cabinet of Somalia.

“We need to listen what developments were made towards the security.” said this lawmakers who did not consent his name to be revealed.

It seems one of the toughest critics to the minister will be the security of the country’s lawmakers as two parliamentarians were already assassinated in the capital this week.

“Two of our colleagues were assassinated this week in Mogadishu. We feel that we are not safe enough even in the capital.” he added.

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