Unknown Armed Assailants kill 5 in Muri Town of Lower Shabelle

xeydar April 26, 2014 Comments Off
Unknown Armed Assailants kill 5 in Muri Town of Lower Shabelle

At least 5 civilians have been shot to death by undisclosed men dressed up with government uniform at Muri district in lower Shabelle region, according to local residents.

3 of the killed civilians were reported to be Ulima of Muri district who come out from the Mosque after Cisha Prayer, while the other 2 persons were local residents.

“Last night 5 civilians have been shot dead in this district, Muri. 4 of them were died in the same spot where they have been shot, while the other person was died late time of the night in the hospital. This is a shocking incident.” Said local resident in Muri, who didn’t disclose his name,

Government officials told the media that Somali armed forces have not been involved in this incident where 5 civilians were killed by the unknown perpetrators wearing government uniforms. The motive and the reason behind the killing of the civilians is not known yet, and no group has claimed the responsibility of the assassination of the Ulima and other civilians.

“This assassination was launched by armed men who are not identified yet and government security forces didn’t have any involvement in the killing of civilians.” Siad Col. Aden Mouse Shire who is one of the government security officials in Muri district.

He added that the situation is currently under control. Col. Shire has also defended government troops from any involvement in the shocking killings of civilians and said, “National security forces are not here, Muri and other places in the region to harm civilians, but only to defend them from the enemy. Investigation was swiftly conducted and is underway.”

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