Subject: The Second Appeal International for last war between 6 Shidle Clans & Commissioner

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Subject: The Second Appeal International for last war between 6 Shidle Clans & Commissioner

       of Balcad District – Middle Shabelle Region

The excellences office,

Our best greeating we are 6 Shidle Clans living the banks of River Shabelle particularly Balcad district, middle Shabelle region, in refinement of our fast appeal international we sent for all international community on the date 6 Nov.2013, that appeal was carried power war of governmental military force army of Somali Federal republic was attacked in territory farmer of mother land of six Shidle Clans, after that around time monthly three months after was began to attack another time on the date 2 Feb.2014, the second war on the date indicated on above this our appeal was began to open fire the people property farm lands, hapitans, village named YAQLE  far 20 Km from Balcad district, that war are ordered the commissioner of Balcad district named Mohamed Osman Hadole, he was given the power force military arm of Somali Federal Republic staying in Balcad, on the othe side we know the international community spending too much money for rehabilitation and reconstruction of federal government, but the international community not know the direct responsibility of Somalia, the financial economic used only to loot the victims people’s property land, disprejective human rights victim of poorest people their mothers land farm.

Also these economic donated by the international community the presidential office and ministerial cabinet, the government of Somalia are composed only four community powers, they decided to take power weapons to six Shidle Clan’s land farmer.  With the help of economical fund from international community, for that reason we ask the international community to take decision for crisis of national military forces compacting to poorest people of six Shidle Clans from middle Shabelle region, Jowhar and Balcad districts to do displace.

In that situation we want to exchange the AMISOM Job for Somali to divide or distribute the regions crossed river Shabelle hapitants or districts to found new stability and peace to poorest people.

Reminding of world

The Somali people are composed of two communities:

01-  Original people (carpet hair) = Jareer Weyne community

02-  Soft hair people (Cushitic origin)

We as carpet hair (Jareer Weyne) living on the banks of river Shabelle, another part living Jubba river hapitants the banks of the river but we do not know the origin of soft hair (Cushitic) were they are from.

In conclusion of our appeal

The confusion of the war for middle Shabelle Region and all regions of Somalia are created Mr. president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and all his ministerial cabinet, all of them are Soft hair (Cushitic), and they want loot with weapon power, the virgin land of two rivers Jubba and Shabelle.

Discrimination reform of new cabinet  

The soft hair government conducted by presidential soft hair of Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud that like to discriminate the poorest people of six Shidle Clans and also all Jareer Weyne peole living the banks of Jubba and Shabelle rivers.

The new exchange for cabinet of Somalia don’t give any responsibility ministries for six Shidle Clans but was shared only by the four power clans from soft hair (Cushitic) community, not included by Jareer Weyne community.

In that condition the damaged war to our people we want to reimburse all property and all human personal was killed the power force of president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his auxiliaries districts Jowhar and Balcad.

We kindly request to give highly consideration our hard appeal and give fully support.

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