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To: UN security counsel

To: UN (United Nations)

To: All ambassadors Internal & External

To: All International Community

To: EU (European Community)

To: AU (African United)

To: IGAD African Governments Development


To: Human Rights Watch

To: Arab league

To: Organization Islamic League

Cc: President Somali Federal Republic

Cc: Prime Minister Somali Federal Republic

Cc: Internal Minister Affairs National Security

Cc: General Assembly of Somali Federal Republic

Cc: National Court Somali Federal Republic


Subject: International Appeal

After our best greeting, we are Shidle Community leaving on the banks river Shabelle of middle Shabelle Region, particularly Hiran port up to Banadir Region port.  We in appealing in government of Somali Federal Republic particularly the president Hassan Shekh Mohamud and his ministries of internal Affairs and minister of National army security.


The follow water river Shabelle damaged all popular living the banks of river Shabelle district of Shabelle.

As they know our community of Shidle clans was damaged the follow water of river Shabelle began on the date month August 2013 up to day, the federal government don’t gave any support minimum gram of Aid Humanitarian, these people was attacked diseases such as:

1-      Malnutrition

2-      Malaria

3-      Cholera

4-      Displaced people

5-      Eat animals

6-      All crops of agriculture

7-      Loss of materials

8-      And another unknown disease.

All that has no care given the president and his ministerial of Somali

Federal Government but when the damage happened Puntland region the highest rain with highest weather, the president was spoken from the international Televisions and local media, he said “all international community and local NGO’s to give high support humanitarian aid to Puntland region”.

Also he was ordered the cabinet of the government to give economical aid of US$ 1,000,000 (One million) we are satisfied the aid given to Puntland people but why he can’t see the poorest people followed by water about 4 month from August up to November 2013 we see that this discrimination matter our people of Shidle are carpet hair and 0.5 of Somali Community that was illegality and un-equalize  of Somali people.



The first day of the war Shidle and Abgal clans was came the president Hassan Shekh Mohamud in Middle Shabelle region he has stayed about 15 minutes, he has given order the commander of military of middle Shabelle region to stop the war immediately, this war are not with the poorest agriculture people of Shidle but they are ALSHABAB fighters of Shidle said by the president, then the Somali military moved to start open fire to Walamoy Shidle, the president knew all Somali military in middle shabelle region are only one clan of abgal, no other military came from different clans, he attended to do genocide to Shidle clan.

After that the Abgal clan like to take power the property land of Shidle clan.

Mohamed Muse, Warsangali and all Abgal clans are united to use weapon power to Shidle lands, our honorable president he knows by the artcle 73 of 21 October 1975, this article was prescribed the official bulletin of ex regime of former president of Siyad Barre , that time Siad Barre told “No body property of land but camels are the belonging of personal”. In that reason want to do displace people of all Shidle property lands, fertilized for agriculture.

Abgal clans though that to make dis-moralize Shidle clan to beat this fight in order to forget the land and future construction and new reforming the of land, in order only Abgal to remain the power sharing of the governmental building, then Shildle clan to be out of the governmental members.

After so far time the cabinet of the ministry nominated national committee to interfere the war the of Walamoy Shidle and Abgal clans, that war began on the date 6 Nov. 2013 the committee nominated the ministry of internal affairs travelled on 5 Dec. 2013 with out carrying any kind/type of humanitarian aid.


Governmental force and Abgal malisia came in territorial of Shidle

Mohamed Muse and Warsangeli Abgal and governmental force attacked a direct fight to the poor agricultural people of Shidle, both forced form Abgal clans came from the red soil (East side of shabelle region) the border of Shidle and Abgal.

But the government force was present in Jowhar district, the land were started the fighting is the big agricultural land were Shidle elders was contract with Italian colony, the entrance of Italian colony to Shidle land was 1911/12 and the contract was done in 1013/14, on behalf of Shidle the contract was signed by:

1-      Shekh Ali Shekh Mohamud Sabid  AND

2-      Hagi Ahmed Burukow

On behalf of Italian colony the contract was signed by:

1-      Sig. Altese Riale  AND

2-      Liugi Bertore

That is the land were the fighting happened and those lands are called to:-

Mayungale 1, Mayungale 2, Mayungale 3, Mayungale 4, and Mayungale 5.

And Timiro 1, Timiro 2, Timiro 3, Timiro 4 and Timiro 5, and the land of Dahabo Omer Gudle, that fight was attended by 3 Military Generals of Abgal Clans named by: 1-  Gen. Mohamud Qafow 2- Gen. Mohamud Saney and 3- Gen. Hussein BM.

Historically there was 300 young men from Shidle Clan were fought with AL SHABAAB when middle shabelle region was under control of ALSHABAAB, after ALSHABAB over thrown by the government with the help of AMISOM troop, the 300 young men has been trained by Ugandan troops, but the president was refused those trained 300 young men to be member of government military, the president said “these young men should be trained as fisher men”.

So this shows us that the president’s plan is NO ONE of Shidle clan be member of Government force of middle shabelle region.

In conclusion of our appeal, the direct and indirect addressed to this appeal we kindly request to review the above mentioned statement and send to the region an especial delegate who investigate about the reality of what happened.

After the declaration of the reality we kindly request from the concerned organizations etc. to reimburse of resources and vitality.


Abdulkadir Mudey Abdi
Somali Intellectual

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