Somalia thrashes Zambia 4-1 at Perth World cup

xeydar October 28, 2013 Comments Off
Somalia thrashes Zambia 4-1 at Perth World cup

With the Perth World cup 2013 entering its third week, Somalia’s expatriate football team taking part in the global competition has humiliated their Zambian rivals by 4-1 in a hotly-contested game in the western Australian host city of Perth over the weekend.

In the early minutes of the match, the Somali boys happened to lead the match by 1-0 when they scored their first goal in the 13th minute of the first half. But the Zambian boys who launched successive attacks on the Somali side realized their dream to compensate for the early goal which came as a surprise to them.

The first half of the match ended in 1-1 draw, but Somalia’s boys whose coach Abdul Haq Mohamed Ahmed was committed to winning in Friday’s match scored two successive goals in the early minutes of the second half and led the match 3-1 and that caused the Zambian boys to lose hopes.

In the last minutes of the match Somalia gained its fourth goal and fully confirmed their victory over Zambia. This was the second major defeat for Zambia who was previously beaten 6-1 by Chile on the 6th of October, the opening day of the Perth World cup.

In its next match Somalia will take on South Sudan on the 2nd of November. According to the schedules the match will kick off in Perth at 14:30 local time in Australia.

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