Somalia Turkey to stay put despite deadly attack

jiinka July 29, 2013 Comments Off
Somalia Turkey to stay put despite deadly attack

Turkey remains keen on working in recovering Somalia despite becoming a target of Islamic militant group Al-Shabaab.


The country Sunday flagged off a flagship road project that would see it rebuild the 23-kilometre long road from Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport to Km Zero, a landmark position in the capital’s north.


Spearheaded by the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA), the road passes through the strategic Km 4 roundabout and Villa Somalia, the state house in Mogadishu.


The project took off just hours after a major compound used by Turkish workers and diplomats was attacked by a suicide mission claimed by Al-Shabaab Saturday.


Al-Shabaab spokesman Ali Mohamoud Raghe alis Ali Dhere claimed a tally of six Turkish officials and 15 wounded.


However the Turkish embassy said that it had lost one guard while those wounded were airlifted for treatment in Turkey.

A university student passing by a two Somali sentries were also killed, according to government sources.






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