Only functioning state can save Somalia – president

jiinka January 31, 2013 Comments Off
Only functioning state can save Somalia – president

The establishment of a legitimate, functioning government and society in Somalia is the greatest problem facing the fragile African state, according to the president.


Speaking before a joint meeting of the European Parliament’s development and foreign affairs committees on 31 January, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said that “the only way out” of Somalia’s current problems is the creation of “a functioning state”.


The president was speaking on the last day of a three-day visit to Brussels during which he met with EU leads to discuss mutual relations and areas of co-operation in defence and security matters. He visit also coincided with a foreign affairs council during which the subject of piracy in the Horn of Africa – one one the biggest threats to security in the region – was being discussed.


He told MEPs that he was optimistic that together Somalia and Europe could “find a way forward” to address outstanding problems in the country and region, but admitted that the “list of problems is too long” at the moment to rectify the situation swiftly.


Instead the Somali government is concentrating on three main priories to ensure stability in the country; security, judicial capacity, and the public financing of state institutions.





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